The Health Classes You Missed

A secondary school health teacher taking you through the topics that may have been skimmed over, considered inappropriate or flat out ignored. Allowing listeners to feel informed and empowered with reliable and unbiased health information.

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7 days ago

Another solo ep! Today we are talking all about creating boundaries. Setting boundaries is a PROCESS. It is something we may all need to continuously change and improve on over time. We talk about what boundaries are, how to create them and why they’re important. As a big bloody people pleaser…. This one is a good one. Remember to hit that follow/subscribe button if you enjoy!   More info:    Stay up to date with me on Instagram @thehealthclassesyoumissed

Monday Aug 01, 2022

Welcome back to another NSQ episode!! Today we are talking about pre-ejaculate (or pre-cum). We learn about what it is, what the whole point of it is and whether or not a person can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate. We also discuss the pull-out method (or coitus interruptus if you’re feeling fancy) and some other more effective forms of contraception.    Stay up to date with me on instagram @thehealthclassesyoumissed    More info:   Study mentioned in episode:

Monday Jul 25, 2022

Another guest episode! Yay! Today I have Todd Morgan with me. He is the CEO of the mental health organisation Outside The Locker Room (OTLR). OTLR aim to educate the community on the importance of mental health and breakdown any stigmas surrounding mental health. Today we focus on toxic masculinity, how this can impact mental health and how to support people around you to talk about their emotions.    Trigger warning: we do discuss mental health and suicide throughout this episode. If you need help or support at any time, please reach out to LifeLine on 13 11 14 today.    To find more from Todd and OTLR: Website:  Insta:  For more info:   Stay up to date with me @thehealthclassesyoumissed 

Monday Jul 18, 2022

Another No Stupid Questions ep! We learn about what discharge is, what is considered ‘normal’, when we should be concerned AND the importance of maintaining a good pH balance in the vagina (hint: you do NOT need products.)   For more info:    Stay up to date with me on Instagram: @thehealthclassesyoumissed 

Monday Jul 11, 2022

In this episode guest episode I have Lucy Lines from Two Lines Fertility! Lucy is an embryologist, fertility educator and IVF patient advocate. I don’t know about you guys but I definitely learnt absolutely NOTHING in health about fertility and IVF. We chat about IVF, fertility, miscarriage, how to support your friends, AND all about endocrine-disrupting chemicals (it's bloody jam packed!) Lucy is an absolute legend and such an inspiring human being and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to come on and chat with me on this topic.  **Trigger warning: we discuss miscarriage and pregnancy loss throughout the episode. If you need help or support at any time, contact Pregnancy, Birth and Baby on 1800 882 436, or LifeLine on 13 11 14.    To stay up to date with Lucy: Website:  Instagram:  Masterclass discussed in ep:    To stay up to date with me, come follow me on Instagram at The Health Classes You Missed.

Monday Jul 04, 2022

In this episode we discuss what an Intrauterine Device (IUD) is, the difference between a copper and hormonal IUD, how you book an appointment and what to expect, and we talk a bit about my story and some listener stories.  Of course, once again, these things are super individual. What works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another. Always, ALWAYS make sure you have a thorough appointment with your GP and talk through all the options to see what works for you. Your GP should be able to provide you with the necessary information so you can go back and have a think about it and decide for yourself. Remember how important it is to listen to your body and do what is best for YOU.  For more information:

Sunday Jun 26, 2022

In this episode we talk about the many effects of pornography, how it has the ability to shape our behaviours, attitudes and beliefs about sex, and how we can help to educate people about consuming pornography. Remember, porn should be viewed as entertainment, not education.   Trigger warning: this episode mentions sexual violence and harrassment. If you or someone you know needs support at any time, contact LifeLine on 13 11 14 or call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).   The Conversation article:    Australian Institute of Family Studies Research Snapshot:    NY Times article:    The Sex Ed You Never Had by Chantelle Otton:    More helpful information: 

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of No Stupid Questions! Today we are discussing Period Sex; the benefits, the considerations and owning your period. Let's break down the stigma that periods are something to be ashamed of! More information:   

Monday Jun 06, 2022

Another guest ep! Today I am speaking to Sammy, a friend of mine who experienced being caught driving over the legal limit here in Victoria. We discuss what happens when you receive a DUI (driving under the influence), the costs associated and the impact this had on Sammy’s mental health and social life. Please never let your mates, family members or partners drink and drive - for their safety and for the safety of the people on the roads around them. It’s not fun, it’s not cool and it’s not bloody worth it. A big thank you to Sammy for coming on and promoting this important message.   If you or someone you know needs help or support for alcohol misuse or addiction, visit the Drinkwise website at or contact Alcohol Drug information Services on 1800 250 015.    Victorian drink-driving penalties:     

Monday May 30, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of No Stupid Questions! Today we are talking about painful sex and whether or not this is *normal* (hint: it isn’t.)  I discuss the reasons for painful sex and the differences for both vulva owners and penis owners, and what you should do if you are experiencing any sort of painful sex symptoms.    For further info, visit:    Podcast episode about vaginismus:

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